Carved Log Projects

culturally-inspired, forward-thinking design

Sun & Moon Log Structure

the Crew: Greg Harry, Rosaire Wes Dick, Philip Robbins Jr, Zooly Johnson

Yerí7 re Stsq́eýs – “it is written or marked”
This structure recognizes and honours our people’s oral history (tseptékwll) and markings (stsq́eýs) from our ancestors’ pictographs/petroglyphs throughout Esk’etemculucw and Secwepemculecw.

Sun and moon, day and night, life and death

The logs are positioned west to east on the land, following the rising and setting of the sun. 
The first log on the west side symbolizes the moon – our ancestors’ markings from a dark part of our history when many families were lost to smallpox.

The next logs represent various Esk’etemc family clans – sqlu7úw’imélemst’ye, kenkéknem/skemcís, sníne, speÍqwéqs – and who we are as a people.

The sun log on the east side represents what lies ahead, markings on this log are designed by children (stsmemelt) from Sxoxomic School, who are our future.

supported by the BC Arts Council and built in 2019,  this structure is located at the entry to the new Esk’etemc band office

Carved Log Entryway

ARM Alkali Resource Management building

collaboration with Esk’etemc log builder Greg Harry

A custom entryway commissioned to represent the ARM forestry company and animals within the Esk’etemc forestry area.

The posts represent the river with salmon (sqlelten) swimming upstream on carved posts,

the beams represent fallen trees that bridge the river with carvings of moose (teniye) and grizzly bear (skemcis) tracks,

the cross bracing represent the animals of the air with eagle (spelqweqs) feather carvings up on the ridge support

story as encouraged by Arthur Dick in 2017


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