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“a masterpiece of a home”  …        “least claustrophic looking tiny house I’ve seen”    “simply beautiful in every way”  …

“I’ve watched just about every tiny house video on YouTube, and in my opinion, the Esk’et is currently the highest evolution of the craft. Of course the carving work is off the chart, but you’ve also made some very strategic design choices, e.g. dual lofts, corner fireplace, compact spiral stairwell, disappearing shelving, white finish with lots of glass, and finally, an astonishing framing/roof design. It’s really the complete package, and as close to my ‘dream tiny house’ as I’ve seen to date. GREAT job, man!”

Esk’et Sqlelten tiny house

for sale! spring 2023 – more info


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 The Esk’et Sqlelten tiny house focuses on craftsmanship, cultural and artistic touches, and the feeling of space. We have sqlelten (salmon in Secwepemctsin language) shaped roof rafters and carvings, handcrafted by Robert. The front door is a carved feature piece. The inside is open-concept, bright and airy, with lofts for sleeping areas, and generous windows that let in lots of natural light. We’ve put the vaulted ceiling in the area where you do the most standing, the kitchen. The intersecting, curved roof is functional and results in a spacious main sleeping loft.

“it’s not only a work of art, it’s a work of art that works!”

When we sat down to draw up this plan, we envisioned an open interior, with an uncluttered feel. We understated the storage in exchange for an open and welcoming space, and design features like the spiralling ladder that help the space breathe. This serves the home well for short-term accommodations.

Our tiny house has a total square footage of 280 sqft, including 2 lofts.  The height and width are within legal road restrictions (8’6″wide, 13’6″high), so it can be hooked up to a truck and moved, without the need for wide load permits. The weight is under 10’000 lbs.



The Esk’et Spiralling Ladder is our own design – DIY Plans are available available here, along with 2 Youtube video’s on the build process.

The Exterior

Our siding is beautiful local pine treated with Shou Sugi Ban method. (Japanese technique of preserving wood by burning.) Robert’s carvings in the custom door and the salmon along the roofline are cultural elements reflecting salmon pushing forwards against all odds.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has an open and spacious feel. We’ve installed a butcherblock countertop, routered the edges, and extended it to create an eating area. The cabinets were cut down to a custom size to gain a few more inches of space. We have a 3-burner stove and oven, and a small fridge (above the wheelwell)

The Sleeping Loft

The shape of this custom roof is perfect for maximizing space in the main sleeping loft area, right where you need it. The loft extension allows room for a storage area next to the bed. The windows face the view of the surrounding forest.

Spend some time here – this tiny house is open as a short-term rental!