Residential and Commercial Renovations

attention to detail and craftsmanship

Esk’et Store & Cafe Renovation

the Crew: Rosaire Wes Dick,  Drayton Sarnowski, Josh Johnson

Cafe renovation includes updated commercial kitchen and cabinetry, tile backsplash, custom upholstered benches, custom carved trim/door/mantelwork, custom checkout counter, and more
Store renovation includes newly built storage area’s, custom store shelving and checkout counter
Building renovations include new exterior siding, commercial door and window install and finishes, and timber entryways.


Our team of workers take pride in their work and produce top quality finishes.



Residential Renovations

kitchens and bathrooms

since 2017, we have completed numerous in-community renovations on Esk’etemc band homes, implementing creative solutions and making room for high quality finishes within band-housing restrictions



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