Esk’et Sqlelten Tiny House – Building Plan


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Construction Plans: Trailer Framing, Elevation Drawings, Floorplan Drawings, Building Sections and Cross-Section Details, Roof Detail, Electrical Plan, Window and Door Sizes

List of Equipment and Material Specifications, incl. Custom Features

Additional Guide: – suggested material list and tool list, with notes


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Square Footage: 283sqft (155 main+128 lofts) – Weight: under 10,000lbs – Trailer: 24″ Iron Eagle Pad  – Insulation: R22 Closed Cell Spray Foam – Dimensions on trailer: 24’L x 8’6″W x 13’6″H

Terms and Conditions:

  • This product is an Instant Digital Download, granting you instant access. (It will show up on the order page as soon as your payment is processed.) You may print a copy right away.
  • The purchase of these plans gives you a license to build a single (1) Esk’et Sqlelten tiny home for yourself, either by yourself, or by hiring a builder. These plans may not be used for commercial purposes. (If you are a builder, looking for commercial rights to build 1 or more versions of the Esk’et Sqlelten, please contact us to discuss your project, thankyou)
  • It is your responsibility to thoroughly research laws, bylaws and restrictions in your area concerning tiny house living and building, and highway laws.
  • It is essential that you as the builder are familiar with building practice and construction knowledge, proficient using power tools and willing to do research and seek help in your area when necessary – consult with appropriate professionals when needed (electrician, plumber, roofer, gasfitter,…) Understand that there is a certain level of building proficiency required to achieve the curved roofline and corresponding complexities.
  • The additional material and tool list is meant to be a helpful guide. Your build will include variations in location, climate, purpose, trailer, construction style, finishes, and so on.. that will affect your choice of materials and features.
  • Recommended for the curved roof shape: sprayfoam insulation, torch-on roof
  • Due to the nature of downloadable products, we can not offer refunds on purchases. If you have any questions about this product, we’re happy to answer, please contact us before making your purchase,Thanks!


Along with our plans, you may find our Youtube video series helpful, find the Esk’et Tiny House channel here!

20160421_072154“The most incredibly gorgeous tiny house I’ve ever seen!”

“most beautiful roof work ever, Amazing! I love this design”

You’ve taken the best of tiny home design, and improved it 100%!”

“by far one of the most livable homes I’ve seen on Youtube”.

“This is one of the best thought out tiny houses I’ve seen, it’s not only a work of art, it’s a work of art that works.”

“I’ve watched just about every tiny house video on YouTube, and in my opinion, the Esk’et is currently the highest evolution of the craft. Of course the carving work is off the chart, but you’ve also made some very strategic design choices, e.g. dual lofts, corner fireplace, compact spiral stairwell, disappearing shelving, white finish with lots of glass, and finally, an astonishing framing/roof design. It’s really the complete package, and as close to my ‘dream tiny house’ as I’ve seen to date. GREAT job, man!”


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Dimensions 11 × 17 in


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